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Article14 days ago

Dynamic SQL

Dynamic SQL in Oracle PL/SQL enables the generation and execution of SQL statements at runtime. It offers flexibility and is useful for ad hoc query systems and executing DDL statements. Native Dynamic SQL and the DBMS_SQL package are two approaches to implement Dynamic SQL. Native Dynamic SQL uses the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command and provides better performance. The blog provides examples of creating tables, retrieving record counts, and performing inserts using Dynamic SQL. It also discusses performance optimizations like BULK COLLECT and demonstrates their usage. The post emphasizes the importance of understanding Dynamic SQL for both beginners and experienced professionals, with upcoming blogs exploring more practical examples and use cases.

Article14 days ago

Classification of SQL

This blog post provides an introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language) and its classification in the Oracle database. It explains the importance of SQL in managing and manipulating data stored in relational databases. The post covers the SQL process and discusses different types of SQL commands: DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), TCL (Transaction Control Language), and DCL (Data Control Language). It also introduces database constraints and provides a simple example of creating a table, inserting data, and retrieving data using SQL commands. This blog post serves as a starting point for understanding SQL and its usage in Oracle databases.